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The programme is specially made for circuit design engineers.

Translated by: Ksenia

You are welcome to send me notes, offers, your database, error reports..

The programme helps you to define what device it is according to SMD-marking. It shows brief characteristics of the device, browses or searches its datasheet in the various search engines. You can use it on both mobiles and tablets.

After starting the programme open the menu, choose “open the database” and show path of the database. As the database loads, you can start working. You can find the component according to SMD-code, name, producer, type of the package, pinout and characteristics. The search is like in 1C, so it starts after the data input. It finds the 1st component (per line scrolling), which name agrees with the input name, or it shows the report that there is no satisfactory component. If there are some components that fit with the criteria of the search, you can push ‘enter’ and the search continues. At the tablet as you choose the component, the scheme of the packages and pinouts.\nWith the help of pulldown you can look through datasheet or search it in the web. If your device has a small screen, you can look through the scheme of the packages and pinouts, at the tablet they can be seen at once.\n In the settings you can choose the folder with the pdf-files datasheet.

You need PDF-viewer for browsing Datasheet.

  • The 1st field “code” is for the code of SMD-component;
  • The 2nd field “name” is for the name of the device;
  • Then there are columns that can be hidden. The 3rd field is for the name of the producer;
  • The 4th field “package” is for the type of the package;
  • In the 5th field there is a pinout of the component;
  • The 6th field is for the additional data about the component

Структура Баз данных

The pictures of the pinouts are in the folder ‘Base’;
The pictures of the packages are in the folder ‘Packages’;
Csv-file is a file of a database of the components. You can edit it with the help MS Excel 2000/XP/2003 or another table editor. You can add new components to the database. All characteristics must be separated from each other by semicolon (;). The 1st line of the database is a name of the column (e.g. code; name; producer; pinout; package; characteristics of the device). It becomes the title of the table at the reading of the database.
All the pictures of the packages and the pinouts must be GIF-files. Datasheet are common for both, you choose its folder in the settings.

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